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Catherine Walker on Her Soprano Idols, Crappy Jobs & Multi-Tasking in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

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“Walker is a brilliant soprano and does lovely dramatic work.”

— The Times

“Catherine Walker thrives at center stage with exciting range and sensitive touch. ”

— Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Walker’s voice is a true, pure soprano gift to musical theatre. She is, quite simply, enthralling. I would tell folks I’d pay to watch Catherine Walker eat Cream of Wheat for two hours. She’s that good.”

— The Suburbanite

“Walker’s pure, operatic soprano is mesmerizing. Walker shines with a voice as clear as a bell.”

— The Beacon Journal

“Her voice is that of an angel, sweet and powerful. Tiny, but mighty in talent, her voice fills the theatre.”

— The Hartville News

“Catherine Walker has a glorious soprano voice that effectively straddles opera and musical theatre. She is lovely to look at and a compelling actress.”

— Cantonrep

“Her lucid voice echoes throughout the theatre.and her radiance resonates in every scene.”

— The Hartville News